"is this the real life or is this just fantasy" I mean "you may say I'm a dreamer,but you know I'm not the only one"... 22 yrs, DMV鉁岋笍Good girl with Bad Habits馃槒,

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do you ever have a plan for the day and suddenly it鈥檚 4pm and you鈥檝e achieved literally nothing聽


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Texting me 鈥測ou鈥檙e on my mind鈥 or 鈥渢hinking about you鈥 is just the simplest, most beautiful thing ever to me. We haven鈥檛 talked in hours but you just letting me know that you miss me is cool as fuck.

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"I am a very private person, yet I am an open book.
If you don鈥檛 ask鈥 won鈥檛 tell."
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